About & FAQ's

Who makes your T-shirts?

Taking inspo from our work in the live music industry and the musicians we admire, we work up our designs and ship to you from our studio in Sydney, Australia.

We heat press our T-shirts by hand, with a great soundtrack playing in the background & using the solar energy we catch from our roof.

We hate waste, so we only print up once we get your order. As a micro-biz, this might mean you wait a bit longer than same-day delivery with Amazon. But it also means we don't have excess stock sitting around & the wrong design in the wrong size, that eventually we need to churn and send to landfill. We think that print-on-order is a much cooler way of doing things.

Our T-shirt blanks are 100% cotton which we think is way more comfortable for the environment and for you to wear.

And, I'm With The Band® uses compostable mailers to provide protection for your beautiful T's while helping our planet out too. 

Where do your T-shirts come from?

Our T-shirt blanks are made in India & have been chosen for their quality, soft flexible fits and range of sizes.

Our T-shirt blanks are sourced using the Ethical Sourcing Policy (based primarily on Ethical Trade Initiative BaseCode (ETI)) of our supplier.

I'm With The Band® is committed to sourcing products and services in an ethical and responsible manner, considering issues including continuous improvement, the welfare of workers, sub-contracting and supply chain, health and safety + potential environmental impacts.  

 And if you have a T-shirt type question that we haven't covered here, send us an email to hello@imwiththeband.com.au and we'll get back to you. Cheers!