Sizing & Care

Choosing your T-shirt for men, women, everybody!

Whether you like your T-shirts loose and baggy or fitted and tight & no matter who you are, take note of our "Regular Fit" or "Close Fit" detail in the product descriptions, to find the T-shirt size chart that you need. 

Use the MEN'S / UNISEX / REGULAR sizings for T-shirts described as "Regular Fit" in the product descriptions.

Use the WOMEN'S / CLOSE FIT sizings for T-shirts described as "Fitted" in the product descriptions. 

Please understand that slight variations in sizing can occur during manufacturing. Measurements should be taken as an indicator, with some allowance for variations of 1-2 cm. The great news is, that T-shirts don't need a couture level fit and they are stretchy. Woo hoo! If in doubt, we recommend ordering up a size.

And please note that due to variations in screen settings and display capabilities across devices, the colours of T-shirts & graphic prints may vary in person.


Size Charts

Men's - Regular Fit - Unisex

Neck (cm) 36 38 40 42 44
Neck (in) 14 15 15 16 17
Chest (cm) 87 92 97 102 107
Chest (in) 34 36 38 40 42


Size XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Neck (cm) 46 48 50 53 56
Neck (in) 18 19 20 22 24
Chest (cm) 112 117 122 135 145
Chest (in) 44 46 48 53 57

Women's - Close Fit

Size 8 (XS) 10 (S) 12 (S+) 14 (M) 16 (M+)
Chest (cm) 89 94 99 104 111
Chest (in) 35 37 39 41 43
Waist (cm) 86 90 94 98 102
Waist (in) 34 35.5 37 38.5 40


Size 18 (L) 20 (L+) 22 (XL) 24 (2XL)
Chest (cm) 116 121 126 131
Chest (in) 46 48 50 52
Waist (cm) 106 110 114 118
Waist (in) 41.5 43 44.5 46


T-shirt Care Tips

To get the best out of your T-shirts, follow these instructions.

Cool wash your T-shirt and follow the instructions on the inner label of the garment.

For best longevity, we recommend that you dry your T-shirt flat on a dry towel in the shade or on a clothes rack. This is the higher maintenance, slower drying approach that will extend the life of your T-shirt and avoid warping of the fabric over time.

The less you need to tumble dry your T-shirts the better. If you must tumble dry, make sure it's on a cool or very low heat setting. High heat will damage the transfer images on your T-shirt.

Do not iron the transfer designs, including those on the inner and outer neck labels. The iron will melt the transfers and you probably won't be happy with the changes that you've just carved in stone.

Stick with these care instructions above and then you can enjoy your T-shirt for many wears to come.